Taste 101

Admission to Taste of Charlotte is FREE! Coins are used to purchase Food & Beverage throughout the festival. 

Food can be purchased from the 35 area restaurants…
Beer, Wine, Soda and Water can be purchased at one of our four Beverage Booths, in the Wine Cellar (located at MLK) or in the Corona Light Tavern at the Taste (located at 4th Street)!

Our Large Cup ($20) contains 15 Coins….Our Small Cup ($10) contains 7 Coins.
Coins are used for ALL Restaurant Food Samples, Beverages and Kid’s Activities.
*You can also purchase a wristband for the kid’s activities for $20 and play all day!  (note that the wristband is good only on the day purchased/ picked up)

Festival Coins can be purchased onsite during Taste of Charlotte at one of the six Coin Booths (located near each intersection).   Coin Booths also accept credit cards.  There is a fee of $1.50 per cup purchased with a credit card.

Pre-purchased coins of 10 cups or more are available by contacting our office. Please contact our office to arrange this purchase to pre-pay and pick up.

Menu Prices

Coin Prices for each menu item can be found on the Restaurant Menu Page

No Refunds will be given on coin purchases.
For questions regarding Pre-Purchasing Coins, please email us.

Frequently Asked Questions